How do I update my bath? How do I update my shower? You may have many questions regarding Re-Bath and our bathroom remodeling process. On this page, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help you learn more about Re-Bath and the many services and products we offer.

Q: How does a bathroom remodel affect my home value?

Here is a link to the 2009 Cost vs. Value. This link will illustrate the average return on investment for any project in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area.

Cost vs. Value Report

Q: What is a Re-Bath bathtub liner?

Re-Bath Bathtub liners are made from DuraBath SSP(TM) and are custom manufactured to fit perfectly over your old bathtub.

Q: How are you able to match my old bathtub?

Re-Bath molds an exact duplicate of your bathtub from an inventory of over 1,000 bathtub molds. Since we are using the same bathtub you have in your home to make your bathtub liner, you are guaranteed a perfect watertight fit for your tub or shower.

Q: Who will do the installation and how long will it take?

Factory-trained franchises and their installation technicians will complete the job in as little as one day. The Re-Bath system is ready for use the next day.

Q: How long will it last?

With proper care, DuraBath SSP(TM) products will keep their high-gloss beauty for a lifetime. Re-Bath's beautiful impact resistant surface will not fade, rust, chip, peel or dent.

Q: How Serious is Mold?

Click here for top 10 things you should know about mold.

Q: Why not refinish, re-glaze or repaint my old bathtub?

These are messy, smelly, and noxious spray applications that can easily chip, crack, peel, and fade. Repeat applications are necessary every one to three years to your bathtub or shower. Click here for more info.

Q: How are Re-Bath Wall Surround Systems different from Do-It-Yourself "wall kits"?

Each Re-Bath Wall Surround System is custom manufactured from our exclusive DuraBath SSP(TM) and installed over your existing wall. The Re-Bath Wall Surround System encapsulates the old tile wall completely. Do-it-yourself "wall kits" can be difficult to install since they are "one size fits all" and are manufactured from an inexpensive, thin, low quality material.

Q: Do I have to remove tiles?

Absolutely not! Re-Bath bathtubs are scribed to match the contours of your tile walls. Re-Bath Wall Surround Systems are installed over existing tile walls.

Q: Is it easy to clean and maintain? What do I use to clean it?

Re-Bath products are non-porous so they are easy to clean. Click here for a list of approved cleaning products or call 1-800-426-4573 and ask to speak with customer service.

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