Replacement Tubs & Shower Bases

If your tub doesn't allow for a DuraBath SSP tub liner we still have additional options to fit your needs. We have many fiberglass tubs and shower bases styles, some with integral seats, to choose from made by Re-Bath. Click here to see Complete Bathroom Remodeling products, options & accessories.


Existing Tub Removal & Replacement Process

Fiberglass Tub Replacement Process #1

Asses the existing bathtub or shower base and develop a removal plan that disturbs the surrounding walls as minimal as possible.

Fiberglass Tub Replacement Process #3

Walls have been removed and now we can insert the fiberglass tub or shower base. We typically set them against the wall framing as the "green" board comes down to the top of the unit. You can see in the picture the lip around the tub deck that will sit behind the wall board.

Fiberglass Tub Replacement Process #2

Remove existing tub wall surround system. Usually this can be removed in one piece but depending on the original installation sometimes it has to be cut into pieces and removed.

Fiberglass Tub Replacement Process #4

Our factory trained technician will now install the green board, shower walls & plumbing fixtures. Caulk all the edges and your new system is ready for use within 12 hours.

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